Neighboring state police join hands to curb crime

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The police departments of Goa and Maharashtra have assured complete support and sharing of intelligence in curbing crime in the states.001

An inter state coordination meeting was held today at Desur where Belagavi Superintendent of Police (SP) Ravikantegowda, Belagavi City Commissioner S Ravi, Goa South SP Shekar Prabhu Desai, Goa SP (Crime) Kartik Kashap were present.

This group is expected to play a vital role in early detection and prevention of crime. Under the project, a total of 20 different units of crime police from the mentioned 3 states will form a chain on permanent basis by coordinating with each other, to bring the required results.

IGP of Kolhapur, Nitesh Kumar, said that the coordination is expected to bring good results in detection of unidentified dead bodies, murder cases, missing cases, drug cases and more.

There will be a Range level border conference conducted once in every 3 months, which will be attended by IGP’s and a coordination meeting of police inspectors of all the 20 units will be conducted once in a month.

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