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New range of water filters from the makers of Cheapest water filter Nirnal

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NirNal founder Niranjan Karagi, while he was playing in a schoolyard nearby his home, has invented and patented the world’s cheapest water filter which costs Rs.30 and can be used for 100 times and fits any water bottle and this removes 99% of bacteria and other disease-causing water contaminants.

Now he forayed into commercial manufacturing of his best selling Nirnal water filter and also made some exclusive new products which have already been installed at many places.

Nirnal Water filters have been exported to many southeast Asian countries.

AAB is proud that we were the first ones to cover his project in December 2016, An Engineer Filters the Way to Success.

He has now launched a new product “Ultra Filter assembly” which requires no electricity and the filter membrane life is 2-5 years and has a two-stage filtration process and will cost Rs.1999.

NirNal founder Niranjan KaragiHe has also made some niche products Arsenic and Iron removal filters which can be used in case water is high with arsenic content or for that matter even removal of Fluoride has one separate filtration unit.

It removes 99.9% of the bacteria making it safe for drinking and is almost maintenance free.

Now Niranjan is also researching on converting sea water into drinking water along with generating electricity from it.

Niranjan Karagi’s Nirnal world's cheapest portable water filterHe has got many queries about his product from Africa, UAE, and other countries.

Niranjan can be contacted +91-779-533-9714 or [email protected]  

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