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New Smart road with paver Blocks

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The Belagavi Smart city limited has floated tenders for the construction of Smart road with paver blocks at Shanti Nagar, Vivekanand Colony, Maratha colony, Shashtri Nagar, Kapileshwar colony, Mahadwar Raod no.5 and Hulbatee Colony.

Also construction of footpath and cycle track (Nonmotorized vehicle) from the 4th railway to BEMCO factory (pkg-4) in Belagavi city – Cost Rs:4,96,18,876.76 (4.96 Crore)

Construction of smart road with paver blocks at Shanti Nagar in Belagavi city- package-8 – Cost Rs: 8,32,21,148.14 (8.32 Crore)


Construction of smart road with paver blocks at Tilakwadi, Vivekanand colony and Maratha colony in Belagavi city- package-7 —- Cost Rs: 8,91,92,504.75 (8.91 Crore)

Construction of smart road with paver blocks at Shastri Nagar, Kapileshwar colony and Mahadvar road no 5 in Belagavi city- package-6 —– Cost Rs: 7,82,28,201.13 (7.82 Crore)

Construction of smart road with white topping at Vadagaon road to Mahaveer Bhavan in Belagavi city-package-11 —- Cost Rs:10,70,43,468.98 (10.7 Crore)

Construction of smart road with white topping at hotel Milan to Gandhi statue- Harsha showroom Club Road in Belagavi city-package-10 —– Cost Rs: 14,40,10,080.75 (14.4 Crore)

Construction of smart road with white topping at Angol road (Big Bazar to Medical shop) in Belagavi city-package-9 —– Cost Rs: 10,05,68,782.56 (10 Crore)

6 thoughts on “New Smart road with paver Blocks”

  1. In May Last year MLA Abhay Patil told the people around shastri nagar to dharwad road that new roads will be made by November 2018.. FAKE Promise made.. it’s may 2019 now and monsoon about to start, there are no roads made nor the new drainage line is connected and we the middle class are suffering.. what smart work Abhay patil did is he made nice road in his own area around his residence but ignored areas around him!!

  2. Smart road with pover block required to aproching roads to “veer soudh” ie Mahatma Gandhi colony&nearby roads pl give attention.

  3. Pratik write a letter to PMO, and see the amazing response. I did the same pwd engg and my area corporator were at my door step with my complaint letter.. please spread this. It’s high time

  4. Politicians should be there to take care of the whole community and serve the people who voted for them, it is a shame that they have no guts to deliver the promise they make. Hello politicians stand up for people and uplift them instead of standing up for your name recognition, your fame, and your pocket book.

  5. Respected Editor,
    The vaccine depot smart road construction (near vaccine depot, Mandoli Road) is not helping any citizens in the locality, The progress of the work is very slow, and it doesn’t look like they are in a position to pick up the pace to complete the work. There are lots of people using this road, including school students who face problems, while traveling to school in case of students, as this is the main road connecting to the First Gate. Workers are hardly seen in the construction area, it’s been almost a year now, that they have started the work. Sir/Ma’am the people in this locality would be very grateful if you could use this platform to showcase this problem and let the respective authorities know about it. Thank you in advance


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