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New waste water treatment plant at Laxmi Tek

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About 15 to 20 lakh litres of treated waste water which is released to Argan Talav will now be purified again and a new plant for the same will come up at Laxmi Tek. Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB) which manages the plant now will install a new plant which will again purify the water which was normally let away after the treatment of water for drinking.
The plant as Laxmi tek purifies about 12 to 15 millions of gallons per day for drinking.
With the new plant mooted water which was going unutiised will now be again reusbale.

Belgaum city gets 54.45 MLD water from Rakaskop and similar from Hidkal dam. The current need of the city is 93.68 MLD. The Laxmitek water treatment plant is working over capacity at 68 MLD. 

New water treatment plant is near completetion atop hill at Basavnkoll near Mutyanhatti with a capacity of 32.50 MLD.


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  1. Is the Administration have plans to increase the capacity of Rakascoppa Reserviour by removing the mud and dig so that there won’t be scarcity of water in long run

  2. Please i need more information about this and share some pictures of this treatment plant. Because I want to visit the treatment plant


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