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No electricity and water connection without building completion certificate

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In the Standing Committee meeting for Town Planning & City Improvement held at the City corporation, it was decided that no Water and Electricity connection should be given without the completion certificate for the said building.

5 thoughts on “No electricity and water connection without building completion certificate”

    • Everyday i wish that solar power and battery technology becomes efficient and sufficient, so that we can have two panels on our gallery and have ample electricity. Municipality jaane do bhaad mein.

      Itne saalon na dhang ke raaste, na garbage management. Lucky vinayak patkar, he died over a drain. There are many waiting in line to die. Municipal People without morals, conscience and with gutter mentality.

      In US of A, they show dead people as zombies. Here we have living zombies.

  1. hi Admin,

    Could you please tell me what about those people who have built buildings without permission from Corporation and they are about to approach corporation for electricity and water supply??
    will they get the connections or they will be denied or they have to pay huge Bribe for getting the same.

    Also tell me if somebody has built home on Agricultural land (BondPaper) will they get it easily or through bribe only thye have to get it ..

    Please anybody clear the doubt your reply is appreciated


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