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No need to commit an offense for Hindalga jail yatra, ₹500 could suffice

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If one wishes to live a life of a prisoner, it is now possible all thanks to the Hindalga Jail officials who plan to commence ‘A day in the life of a prisoner’ as a tourism concept at the Hindalga Central Prison Belagavi, reports the New Indian Express.

As of now, they are awaiting the government’s nod for the same.

The authorities have come up with a novel initiative where commoners will be allowed to live a prisoner’s life for 24 hours, for a fee of Rs 500.

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Each visitor will be charged ₹500 where they will get the same treatment as that of any other jail inmate, same rooms, same food, and same lifestyle and they would be given a Qaidi number and the uniform dress as well.

The visitors will be served the same food as that is served to the original jail inmates.

Visitors will also have to undertake the same routine as the jail inmates from cleaning the room to eating with them.

So all those who are interested in a Jail Yatra, we will keep you posted once they begin the service.

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  1. It will be a life experience to feel the prisoners’ feelings , and this will help people to avoid to do crimes and be punished in jails for months and years . This also gives idea for who ever planning to commit crimes to experience the hard life of prison


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