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No seats this weekend:Private bus: Difficult to come home

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I had posted this story earlier.
It was about no pick up points in the city after the traffic police issued new orders.

To add to this story: This week and also the weekend is the highest demand for these operators and hence all have increased their fares by Rs.50 to 100. Above that getting to Hotel Ramdev you will need to spend more & if you are coming back home then getting down at Ramdev and then bargaining early morning with the auto to take you home, be prepared to spend a lot of money.
Altough all the pvt. buses have stopped the pick up after they were fined, I found that the police were “Prassanna” on a bus operator as it said its office was located in Tilakwadi. Now this is unfair. All the bus operators have said that the Will meet the SP today and give their memorandum. I don’t understand, in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore there are pick up points and in Belgaum no pick up.
Many friends of mine planning a weekend here in Belgaum have cancelled their trip seeing all this.
For the previous post i have received a comment which i would like to share with you:
“It is kind a fair that private buses not be allowed into busy streets. It’s safe. One way, these private operators should handle this is by providing smaller pickup vehicles like vans, mini buses etc. On the other hand, the other private mini-bus operators are a big nonsense and the autos in Belgaum are a worth less piece to so called “Services”. Never ever have they operated on meters and never have they charged sensibly. Only thing you hear from their mouth is “we dont get return trip” so we have to pay for their incompetence/stupid logic.Hope I had enough money to run my own local transport is Belgaum on meters”

2 thoughts on “No seats this weekend:Private bus: Difficult to come home”

  1. .. i think something seriously wrong with the police department …. why are they doing this …. Belgaum police has earned so much fame and name because of its so many achievements .. but by doing such a thing i don’t see any difference ….

  2. It seems that all three, viz, Police, Private Bus Operators and the notorious auto people are hand in gloves to loot the Belgaum Public. The Belgaum Public should come out of their ” not concerned ” attitude and file complaint with DGP and others concerned.


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