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No shortage of oxygen supply – BJP MLA’s

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Today MLA Shri Anil Benake and shri Abhay Patil visited the Belgaum Oxygen plant and made post on social media –
Today myself and Shri. Abhay Patil Visited the Belgaum oxygen unit.

During the visit to the oxygen unit discussed the storage capacity and transportation.

The adequate supply of oxygen to the Belagavi district and to timely supply to private hospitals of Belagavi is regularly updated and there is no shortage of oxygen supply, people should not panic and the supply of oxygen is sufficient.

Nodal authorities are monitor the overall oxygen inventory, the daily supply, and the day-to-day sculpture.

Deputy Commissioner also made a similar statement yesterday.

DC Belagavi also visited the same plants. Same report that there is no shortage of Oxygen.

But why are patients dying for want of oxygen then? Why arent the Oxygen beds available? Private hospitals are working to capacity why hasn’t the new center built with the SUFFICIENT Oxygen supply that you say exists?

Patients want an oxygen bed, she called up all the hospitals no BED, now what to do with your sufficient oxygen in the generation plant.

oxygen plant

A sister was looking for an Oxygen bed if not a Ventilator no beds, but all in haste.

It is so saddening to reply that we are not able to help patients in need of Oxygen beds. 4 had called up saying no beds anywhere. The war room does not reply properly one said. Who can save us now?

Getting a ventilator is far off dream these days.

The which beds data updated has never any empty beds with oxygen.
So does it imply that Oxygen is in surplus the infrastructure of new beds or new temporary hospitals with Oxygen is not established?

The supply of Oxygen to NGOs has been closed for 10 days and many who are stable are still in hospital as they cant oxygen once they are discharged. So their long stay makes those beds unavailable which otherwise would have been made available for the needy.

The NGOs are exhausted finding beds, from where can they also make way for new beds. The severity of the patients is high and is getting worse by the day.

What is wrong here then we fail to understand. Why are there so many distress calls for Oxygen beds and volunteers have to say sorry WHY WHY WHY?

6 thoughts on “No shortage of oxygen supply – BJP MLA’s”

  1. Mr. benke is smoking dope. Ask him to sit in Covid helpline and answer few calls.
    Like any BJP person he is simply making false statements. He forgets he himself was a Covid victim few Months back and because of his status managed to get right care.
    Guys like this who make false statements should be first taken to task!

  2. Are we citizen fools … these so called hypocrites elected representative..tell any nonsense and the print media and the social media without verifying just published it… ask them to make a office in civil compound… and address the people.. I pray to God all the administration and the elected representatives who are making people of the land suffer must face the same suffering and we are now days become only online or social media fighters with systems .. we just divide ourself with our own self fish moto by lene to A or B parties and we die


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