No takers for Desur IT park


The most awaited IT park in Belgaum will be ready in another 6 months time but the tech companies have shown no interest in it. KSSIDC the developer of the said IT park had surveyed a year ago for this and at that time many software giants from Bangalore and pune had agreed to open shop here but no one yet has taken any space here.


The 42 acres land that has been used for this park has now all the basic amenities required like roads, water etc. The road leading to the park been also made.


The cost of doing business in metros is increasing many folds and eyeing this only many companies have now shifted their base from metros. The same was here and as there are a couple of good engineering colleges also in town this IT park would have been a boon to the city.


Till date there have been no takers for this, hope to see some big IT majors in town soon.


Infy, Satyam,IBM,Wipro are you reading this blog, please come to our city.


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  1. I really hope that the IT park will be a hit… I was born here and now I’m back here studying in JNMC after few years at Miraj. Belgaum has great potential to develop and an IT park is just the spark that it needs. Once on the road to progress, Belgaum will surely reach the status of other bigger cities like Mysore. Hoping for the best!!!

  2. Yes, IT companies now needs to move from bangalore..

    Belgaum is better place than bangalore and one of the fastest growing city..

    Its nearer from mumbai, pune, goa, bangalore….

    Man power: We can see Highly professional, technical, graduates, hardworker…enjoyable peoples.

    Life: We can leave human life. There are lots of places, which we can visit on our weekends.

    In bangalore only traffic, require more money..

  3. It is not true that there are no taker for IT park Being in Dubai I had formulated a deal from a Real estate company in Pune.They were ready to buy out the whole of IT park plots at one go, but unfortunately the Officer in charge did not even respond to our calls.
    I tried some political influence but openly this person who mediated asked for his chunk of pie for the deals we will make.
    The real estate company from Pune is still positive and said they will return later, and I couldn’t do much remotely except writing to CM , for which no reply yet, I have myself initiated two companies from Dubai and one from UK, they are still open to start operations in Belgaum.
    I am not a native resident of Belgaum came and settled here 20 years back and I know the potential of this place. North Karnataka can only grow if the government take serious interest , and especially in Belgaum , Bidar as a border district can get special attention but same is not meted with Belgaum.
    Lets hope the days will change for Belgaum soon

  4. Recently heard that IT companies r investing in land near halga & other near by places… So, lets wait & see what will be the progress. But it should be very soon that few companies will start functioning near halga.

  5. Inshah-Allah this IT Park will be a big hit and boost the economy of Belagum. I am from Belagum currently working in Hyderabad as Software engineer, I would love to work in Belagum.


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