No vehicles on road from Tomorrow- 6-10 essential shopping come by walk – Commissioner

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Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Friday evening announced a complete lockdown across the state to arrest the spread of Covid-19. The lockdown is imposed from 6 am on May 10, Monday, till 6 am on May 24.

The commissioner of Police Belagavi city Dr K Thiyagarajan IPS has issued a video making an appeal to the public about the new restrictions that would be in place from Monday until May 24.

He says, No vehicles would be allowed on the road even for the 6-10 am time slot for purchasing any essentials.

What ever vegetables, fruits are needed, one has to walk and buy the same. After 10 AM no movement even by walk would be allowed.

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Medical emergencies are allowed as per the SoP.

Push carts will be allowed to sell and they would be moving around in all areas.

All those involved in Essential services would be allowed to go to work and they would not be blocked.

11 thoughts on “No vehicles on road from Tomorrow- 6-10 essential shopping come by walk – Commissioner”

  1. नमस्कार सर, मै यह जानना चाहता हुँ,क्या यह निर्नय है? इस से गरीब और मध्यम वर्ग के लोग त्रस्त होँगे.

  2. “एक जगह महंगाइ और बेकारी.. और दुसरी तरफ लोकडौन” आम लोग खायेँगे क्या??

  3. Dear Sir, I am currently suffering from COVID and have been home quarantined. I have neighbours who have been helping me with groceries and essentials. How can i expect them to walk and get things for me? Do you even think about all problems before coming with such actions? There are no delivery platforms available. It’s a pathetic situation

  4. Dear Sir, there is no help from neighbours as soon as they come to know that i was covid positive. On top of it. Our family members were asked not to step out of the house for any reason. Now, we need medicines from the shops and we are in no condition to walk upto the stores to get medicine and other groceries, first because of the Neighbours and secondly we are covid positive. We are left to starve and die in the house. How do u address this issue? How can i ask my 75 year old father in law to walk 1 km to get Things from the marKet


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