No winter session this time in Belagavi?

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BJP led government has not yet decided on whether to hold the winter session of the Karnataka legislature at the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha Belagavi.

Each year one session, mainly the Winter session is held at the SVS Belagavi.

The decision has to be taken by the cabinet on the next Assembly session. Maybe in the next cabinet meeting, the discussions will take place.

As most of the district administration is involved in the flood relief work, it is thought not to conduct the assembly session at Belagavi.

Also the Govt fears for protests by farmers and the others on the flood relief issue.


4 thoughts on “No winter session this time in Belagavi?”

  1. By conducting winter session at belgavi what Karnataka government is achieving, whether session is useful to North Karnataka or belgavi, experience of previous sessions shows few legislative members will attend session remaining will go for tour to goa, Maharashtra etc at the cost of public. Better to cancel spending crores for conducting session and use that building for housing all central and state government offices.

  2. SVS building stands there eating taxpayers money in huge amount. Politicians those who lacks common sense to serve common citizens should not be in their position, with shame and guilt they should step down and make pathway for someone who has a real heart for serving the community.

  3. Better to cancell all picnics – I mean all sessions
    Including in Bangalore and Delhi because nothing is going to change for comman man like us

  4. No need for these sessions we don’t need it anymore now and henceforth. They just come down to Bgm to chillout n enjoy winter vacation huge waste of our hard-earned money (Taxes) my heart cries out of pain I work hard to earn and end up paying huge taxes which is used for their enjoyments. Instead, spend our taxes onto the goodness of the city. Put up all the govt. offices at Swarna soudha put them all there and the existing offices to built green n clean parks/ gardens and public toilets and museums and lease/ rent some for the people to earn a living.


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