Now get Home delivery of your Traffic Challan

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In age of e-mail, letters are nowadays considered part of old age charm. But now citizens of Belagavi be ready to get such letters delivered by the postman, and dont be curious it is the Traffic Police who is sending them to you for the traffic violation you have committed.

IGP Roopkumar Datta inaugurated Traffic management centre at south Traffic Police station in Camp, Belagavi on Friday.

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About 90 high definition close circuit cameras have been installed at various to traffic signals in city, so the traffic police can now see the violations of traffic rules at any part of city just sitting in one room and even control traffic problems.

The operator can give directions to the field traffic police or even to the citizens through the loudspeaker which have been installed at signals. You may call it “Dev Vani” but yes the DEV is looking at you and a total of 10 computers and 16 staff will be on duty in Two shifts to manage this traffic Management center.

Trinity technology of Hubballi has handled technical work to bring this centre into effective.

Now there will be the THIRD eye watching you on the streets. So people should be aware and follow traffic rules before you get notice at your door step by traffic Police.

11 thoughts on “Now get Home delivery of your Traffic Challan”

  1. Do you mean, wrong side riders, Trible seat riders, Buses stopping in the middle of the road or tankers crossing speed limit will also get challans ?

  2. Would be interesting to see whom all they challan. A lot of tempos and mini-vans flout rules but are in the good books of the cops. Once a human is involved the discretion will make them target the usual people and the big violators like trucks, vans, buses will go scot free. After GST increasing rates, a challan is another gift to the common man.

  3. I congratulate the City Traffic Police for latest developments being made to establish safety and awareness among the public. Furthermore, I request the traffic police of Belagavi city to be very particular in identifying the defaulter before sending him the challan. The city roads still require a lot of improvements. To state an example: The first railway gate crossing has become a big hindrance to the public. If anybody wants to know what exactly is wrong with first railway gate crossing, then he/she may visit the site once and watch themselves. I feel scared thinking ‘something may go wrong at any moment of time’- and i feel very sorry for all the public who use first railway gate everyday. Root cause analysis is necessary to fix all such perilous spots around the City.

  4. Vehicals, two or four wheelers, going in one way lane to be booked. Heavy penalty should be lavied. It is very common near 1st railway gate, RPD corner and near Mahaveer Bhuvan. No traffic police is seen here, even during peak hrs. Occasionally when present, he never says a single word to these traffic rule violaters. More prone for accidents. Please wake up, before some innocent lives are lost.

  5. Reported in Deccan Herald today… Types of Violations
    No helmet, parking offences, triple riding, not wearing seat belts (not sure how a camera can discover this), one-way violations, no uniforms, overloading autos, defective number plates, tainted glasses, cell phone use and others it says…

    The big violators have been left out trucks, buses, mini vans, tractors.

  6. Need to wait and see how this pans out. Rarely experience with government. More specifically police is positive.

    The common man already hammered may get challan gifts.

  7. CCTV Number capturing cameras should be installed in every street corner. Under new Motor Vehicle Act, Number Plate and Aadhar will be linked and then fines can be debited directly from linked bank accounts.

  8. It’s a good initiative, but it’s very difficult to pay fines in time, for that they should start online payment collection, due to hectic work schedule, and waiting in que to pay 100 bucks it’s just disgusting. My first fine 100 but paying 500…


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