Ola Cabs starts Ola autos in Belagavi

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Transportation mobile app Ola launched auto rickshaws in Belagavi. The company said its autos are available 24×7 and it has also launched a new billing system that will record the details of the trip including time of booking, distance travelled and fare payable, either in cash or through Ola Money.

The fare is as follows :
Rs 25 for first 0 km and then Rs 12 per km Plus Service Tax.
And currently the First Auto ride is free.

ola auto belagaviThis is a welcome step as the Auto can come to your door step but the charges arent Cheap.

Rs.25 is the base price and then calculation of Rs.12 per km.

So if one travels in an OLA auto for 3 kms then he will have to pay 25+36+service tax which amounts to about Rs.70 and this will be displayed on the Auto meter.

If you have been lucky and a regular auto charged you by meter then cost would have been Rs.36.

So on a whole OLA autos seem almost 2 times the normal auto fare fixed by the RTA.

One more point here is in Benagaluru for Ola autos in the base price of Rs.25 you can travel upto 1.9kms and then you are charged 13 per km.

In Belagavi as well the same must be implemented as this looks like same exorbitant auto charges even now without a meter.

Some Questions to OLA :
Why is the Base Price in Belagavi of Rs.25 ?

Is OLA also encouraging the local Autos by charging almost double than the Fare fixed by the RTA ?

10 thoughts on “Ola Cabs starts Ola autos in Belagavi”

  1. All system is good, but if we compare the fare from other auto rikshaws it will be costly. Eg. If we travel from ramdev to channamma the auto fare will be maximum 30 rs. But if we take ola auto it will be 25+(12rs*1.5km) + service tax = around 50

  2. I haven’t come across any auto charging less than 70 rs in Belgaum for 3 kms. So Ola cmng up with the service is a welcome change , which might eventually force errant autos to reduce their demanded fares and also Ola might also then lower their base fares.

  3. Its very coastly compare to autorickshaw
    Autos are best i think, if we use ola where autorickshaw drivers should go what about their family….

  4. Anyway autowalas charge more than whats described in the post , i have seen people paying 150 n all , but by ola it will be 100 hahaha . Depends on the distance too


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