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Old Belagavi Murder mystery solved in 24 hours

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The Shahpur Police have been able to crack the Old Belagavi murder mystery within 24 hours.

A 35-year-old Jaipal Garani was stabbed to death by unidentified persons near Laxmi Talim Old Belagavi on Wednesday night and it had come to light on Thursday morning.


The main motive behind the murder is Jealousy and old rivarly as per the police.

Jotiraj Sidray Dodmani aged 25, resident of Old Belagavi, Akshay Krishna Kolkar aged 24, Prashant Yallappa Kallimani aged 24, Pratap Baswant Garani aged 28, Rohit Rajendra Dodmani aged 23, Shivraj Nagesh Dodmani aged 24 are the accused.

The accused attacked Jaipal with a sword and a rod on Wednesday night after a quarrel broke out between the accused and the deceased at a wedding ceremony in the Old Belagavi area on Wednesday.

Raghavendra Havaldar Police Inspector, Police Sub-Inspector Manjunath Nayak, Assistant Sub-Inspectors Uday Patil, R I Sanadi, and the team investigating the case cracked the case in 24 hours.

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