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Old Dharwad road RoB in Dire straits

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Railway Over Bridge (named as per the resolution passed by the city corporation) on the Old Dharwad road at LC No.388 was been opened for the public on April 6, 2018.

The Work had begun on Jan 24, 2017.
But now the same is in a very bad condition with potholes, the joint steel plates open and driving on this is a nightmare.

The 40 feet wide RoB was Completed in 14 months 12 days by KPR Constructions, Hyderabad Contractor in an Rs.24 crore budget and has 14 Pillars; 10 up to Roopali Hall and 4 up to Jija Mata circle.

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Worst part over a couple of years the condition of the road has been worsening but none of the authorities are keen on repairing the same. Now the condition has just become pathetic.

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  1. One of our esteemed reader commented on this site appropriately yesterday on this issue meaning– “The Editor should Print this news daily on this site till the concerned authorities wake up from their slumbering & attend to this situation’


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