OLX buyer steals bike taken for a test ride

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In a agonizing experience, a businessman from the city who had placed an advertisement to sell his motorbike on the online marketplace OLX, was stolen when a prospective buyer took off with the vehicle under the pretext of a test ride.

As per the case registered by Khade Bazar police, the victim Rahul Kakade had placed an ad on the online marketplace OLX for the sale of a Bajaj Pulsar bearing registration number KA05.
The accused, an unidentified teenager, send a WhatsApp from a number and approached Rahul for a test ride. Rahul sent one person along with the accused of the test ride. After going a short distance he stopped and asked the person to get down to see what sound is coming from the bike, as soon as the person got down the accused fled away with the bike.

CCTV capture of the accused
CCTV capture of the accused

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