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One drowns one missing on Goa beach

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Tragedy struck to the group of 51 students of Gogte College of Commerce when one got drowned and another is still missing at the Colva beach in Goa.

Body of 20 year old student Sumanth Dupadmath has been recovered and the police are trying to trace the other student.

The police said a group of 4 students had gone for swimming at about 7.45 pm,  strong undercurrents are believed to have pulled the two students inside, while the remaining two managed to swim ashore.

Of the group 40 students had gone for shopping while the others were staying back at the hotel.

The body of the missing student Chidambar  B has been found and now the police are trying to identify him. The students are in a state of shock after this incident.

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  1. SAD! every year we lose youth with a future full of promise to these accidents:-( youth need to be careful, my sons class!


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