One time Yesvantpur Chandigarh special train via Belgaum


railRailway Board has approved and communicated for running of WEEKLY SUPERFAST SPECIAL EXPRESS TRAIN BETWEEN YESVANTPUR-CHANDIGARH-YESVANTPUR (Tr.Nos.02685/02686), for a single trip in each direction. This trains was also announced in the railway budget. But this train currently will run only once on the below dates.

Accordingly, Train No.02685 YESVANTPUR-CHANDIGARH WEEKLY SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at YESVANTPUR station at 13-50 hrs. on Wednesday, the 11th December, 2013 and arrive at CHANDIGARH station at 18-20 hrs., on the second day(Friday). (Total : 01 Special Only).


En route, the Superfast Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Tumkur at 14-48/14-50 hrs; Davangere at 18-49/18-52 hrs; HUBLI at 21-40/21-50 hrs; DHARWAD at 22-29/22-30 hrs;
Belgaum at 00-30/00-32 (Thursday); MIRAJ at 03-15/03-20 hrs; PUNE at 08-45/09-00 hrs; depart at Khandwa at 20-35 hrs; arrive/depart at Bhopal at 00-35/00-45 hrs.(Friday); depart at Bina at 03-35 hrs.; arrive/depart at Jhansi at 06-05/06-15 hrs; depart at Agra Cantt. At 09-35 hrs; Palwal at 12-00 hrs; arrive/depart at Hazrat Nizamuddin at 12-58/13-00 hrs; NEW DELHI at 13-35/13-55 hrs; Panipat at 15-14/15-16 hrs; and arrive/depart at Ambala Cantt. at 17-40/17-45 hrs.

In the return direction, Train No.02686 CHANDIGARH-YESVANTPUR WEEKLY SUPERFAST EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at CHANDIGARH station at 03-15 hrs. on Saturday, the 14th December, 2013 and arrive at YESVANTPUR at 06-20 hrs. on Monday(Total : 01 Special Only).

En route, the Superfast Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Amabala Cantt. At 04-10/04-20 hrs; Panipat at 05-45/05-47 hrs; NEW DELHI at 07-50/08-10 hrs; Hazrat Nizamuddin at 08-30/08-50 hrs; depart at Palwal at 09-40 hrs; Agra Cantt. at 1150 hrs; arrive/depart at Jhansi at 14-55/15-05 hrs; depart at Bina at 17-25 hrs; arrive/depart at Bhopal at 19-15/19-23 hrs; depart at Khandwa at 23-55 hrs; arrive/depart at PUNE at 11-05/11-20 hrs; Miraj at 16-40/16-45 hrs; Belgaum at 18-47/18-50 hrs; DHARWAD at 21-12/21-14 hrs; HUBLI at 22-10/22-20 hrs; Davangere at 00-27/00-30 hrs.(Monday) and arrive/depart at Tumkur at 04-53/04-55 hrs.

The Superfast Weekly Express Special has total 21 Coaches, consisting of One AC First Class coach, One AC 2-tier coaches, Three AC 3-tier coaches, Eight Second Class Sleepers, Six General Second Class coaches, One Second Class Luggage-cum-brake van and One Second Class luggage-cum-brake van-cum-disabled coach.



  1. Good News for Long distance commuters who mostly take an onward journey after alighting from 12279- Goa Express at NZM_New Delhi.

    Thanks for the valuable information Uday 🙂


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