One way entry towards Kite Festival

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Last year the kite festival was a great success but at the same betting to the venue and getting back from there was big headache due to huge traffic jams as the roads leading to the venue is small.

This year the organisers have planned to make this route a one way to avoid this jam.

People can goto the Nanawadi (Savagaon Road) venue from Congress road by Maj.Ramaswamy avenue( Kagal Hospital Road). At the venue parking facility is made on the opposite side the kite flying area and on the return journey all vehicles will have to take the Mandoli route and exit on the Mandoli route near Vaccine Depot.kiteparking

The two day event begins on Jan 15 and at least 30 teams from Europe, the U.S. and Asian countries will participate, the organizers said.

Dragon kites, air-inflated kites, train kites, stunt kites, eagles, kathakali kites, and fibre glass kites would be flown on the two days. There would be night-flying sessions on both days.

An exhibition with over 240 stalls showcasing consumer durables, automobiles and electronics among other things has also been arranged.

MLA Abhay Patil the main organizer of the event has said that the cost of organizing the event was being borne by him.

There is no entry fee for the Kite festival.

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  1. Appreciate such a huge event being organized in bgm this may well become a global event / competition in next few years.
    if the MLA says that he has borne the cost of organizing event he should disclose how much he spent and what was the source to public or atleast to the election commision/IT dept.


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