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Online property guidance valuation calculator in Belagavi – How to check?

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How to check the Online property guidance valuation calculator in Belagavi? Is there any property valuation calculator in Belagavi? What is the property value in Belagavi 2020? The government of Karnataka has devised an online tool for the same.

The Department of Stamps and Registration,Government of Karnataka has a website which will help in ascertaining the value of a property.

In most cases, the price of Guidance Value is much lesser than the market value. But this value can act as a reference base.

Guidance value is nothing but a price of the property as per the local Government.

Visit –

land-value belagavi

Choose the district from the drop-down menu, then type a minimum three letters of the area you are looking for, then by default when you select the area, the other details like Taluka, Village Name and Hobli will load.

Enter Property Usage Type

Select Property Type – Building, apartment or Vacant site

Mention the total area and then select the unit as Sq feet or Sq meter.

One also has the option to select other details such amenities available which will affect the total valuation.

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