Online transaction charge for Bill payment of BESCOM removed – Will HESCOM follow suit


If consumers have utilised the website for paying their electricity bill the site levies transaction charges, which can be up to Rs. 5 per NEFT transfer and up to 2 per cent of the bill amount when credit card or debit card is used for payment.

hescom-1But now BESCOM(Bengaluru) a decision has approved by the Bescom board, is expected to be implemented in March , Bill payment up to Rs. 2,000 to be free of transaction charge


Online payment through netbanking to be free of cost irrespective of the bill amount

2 per cent rebate if payment is made within two days of bill generation

1 per cent rebate if payment is made within a week of bill generation

Now will HESCOM follow suit which will make it more easier for the consumers to make online payments at the portal.



  1. HESCOM should follow the example of BESCOM and give the consumers different options to pay. It will relieve the rush at electricity offices etc and reduce the manual work of its staff.

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