Over 20 thousand injuries reported annually due to Attacks by Stray Dogs

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An alarming surge in attacks by stray dogs has gripped the citizens of Belagavi district, with four tragic deaths recorded in the past three years and over 20 thousand injuries reported annually due to encounters with these animals. The issue has escalated to such an extent that fear now looms large among residents, especially women and two-wheeler drivers, as they navigate the streets plagued by roaming packs of stray dogs.

The distressing statistics underscore a pressing need for immediate action to address the stray dog menace, which has become a matter of grave concern for both urban and rural communities within the district. Despite efforts to administer necessary medication and anti-rabies vaccines to the injured, the persistent threat posed by stray dogs persists, prompting calls for decisive measures to be taken.

Stray Dog Attacks on humans in Belagavi district-

2020 – 18,826

2021 – 20,362

2022 – 19,215

2023 – 20,122

“The situation is dire,” remarked a concerned resident, reflecting the sentiments echoed by many in the community. “It’s not just about the physical injuries; it’s the psychological toll this constant fear takes on us. We need sustainable solutions to ensure our safety.”


Efforts to curb the population of stray dogs through birth control surgeries have fallen short, as evidenced by the burgeoning numbers reported by the Department of Animal Husbandry. With an estimated 15 thousand stray dogs in Belagavi city and over 77 thousand across the district, the gravity of the situation demands urgent intervention to mitigate the risks posed to public safety.

In response to the escalating crisis, authorities are being urged to explore comprehensive strategies aimed at addressing the root causes of the stray dog problem. This includes robust measures for population control, coupled with initiatives to promote responsible pet ownership and community awareness campaigns to educate residents on safety protocols when encountering stray animals.


While efforts are underway to tackle the immediate challenges posed by the stray dog issue, residents are advised to exercise caution and vigilance when navigating areas where stray dogs are prevalent. Seeking prompt medical attention in the event of an attack is crucial, as timely treatment can mitigate the risk of complications, including the transmission of diseases such as rabies.

As Belagavi district grapples with the repercussions of escalating stray dog attacks, the imperative for proactive measures to address this pressing issue has never been more pronounced. Only through concerted efforts and collective action can the community reclaim its sense of security and ensure a safer environment for all residents.

Data Source: Sakal, Tarun Bharat

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