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Pakistani prisoner Mohammad Fahad on fast in Belgaum jail

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31-year-old Mohammad Fahad[image], a Pakistani but has his family links from Kerala is currently on fast in the Hindalga central prision Belgaum since the past 4 days. However the doctors have confirmed that his health is normal and there is nothing to worry.

Fahad was arrested by Mysore Police in October 2006 on the charges of plotting terror attacks in Mysore and Bangalore from Gulbarga jail citing security reasons.

Currently he has been shifted to the prisoners’ ward at the District hospital. There is heavy police security kept for him at the hospital no one except doctors and nursing staff can enter his room.

Fahad was admitted to hospital on Thursday night sources said, and IV fluids were administered to him because of which his health is stable and normal. Fahad’s  mother, a retired schoolteacher (Zubeida Khanum) along with her ailing husband is making all efforts to get her son released.


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  1. Do we really need to know the details of where he is currently housed, and which ward/bed he sleeps on and which doctor/nurse treats him?


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