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Patil Galli closed for traffic for 2 months

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The CD work at Patil Galli – Near Meenaxi Bhavan has commenced, and hence the said road would be closed for traffic for atleast 2 months now.ambabhuvan-road

The CD work there had collapsed and hence the corporation is building the new drain here across the road of 60 feet.

So commuters taking Patil galli(Amba Bhavan) route wil have to take Khanapur road.

1 thought on “Patil Galli closed for traffic for 2 months”

  1. Long overdue!
    Unbelievable patience of Belgaumites (how do we call ourselves now onwards after renaming? – Belagavees?) to tolerate the dangerous abridged bridge, stench of urinal and plastic waste in the drain.


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