Petrol, diesel prices in Belagavi marching towards all-time high

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As per the prices announced under the daily dynamic pricing regime by the state-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), fuel prices continued to rise across the country on Saturday as well.

The surge in fuel prices is largely due to the rise in the cost of crude oil and the high excise duty levied on the transportation of fuel in the country. London Brent crude oil has breached the $77 per barrel mark, while US West Texas Intermediate is nearly at the $70 level.

Petrol in Belagavi Costs Rs.81.27 while Diesel costs 72.74. As per AAB’s records, the all time high we have recorded was in May 2012, with the price of Petrol at 81.34.

May this All time high could be surpassed tomorrow and we will see an all time high fuel price in Belagavi.

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