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Petrol No Stock: Hard times ahead in Belgaum

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The effects of the strike by 50000 employees of the various oil companies are now visible all over the country Belgaum is no surprise either.

The stock of petrol has not come out from the oil depots and hence form today afternoon, a few since the morning had closed down the petrol pumps, and by night, the scene was very bad. Long queues were seen outside the pumps but no petrol was there.

Things will be bad tomorrow as people who had fuels today and who said lets fill it tomorrow, hope you get fuel.

The govt. is not taking any steps in getting away with the strike. If the govt, does not act in time and the strike is not called of all will be in trouble. The trucker’s strike is already hitting the pockets again due to shortage.

Come on Govt. Do something for the common person, Murali Deoraji, now do not sleep come and take off this strike do something, work at least this time.

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