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Piteous Belagavi CBT

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Thousands of people throng me and travel to their destinations day in and day out.

For so many years I have been bridging the gap between urban and rural. It may be any season of the year, but for me, my priority is set, serve thy countrymen. When I was made years back I was the main landmark people used to assign. But now my importance has been ablated. If you want blame it on my owners or people running the show.
Do you know by now who I am? I am CBT, Central Bus Terminus.

To add to my woes now I am in a very Piteous state and all those who come to me come with fear and despair.

It was a very halcyon moment for me when the Foundation stone laid for Modern Bus station was laid on December 3, 2016, but the actual work began a year later in 2017.

Better late than never were my thoughts but since then I have been crying all the time and the current situation after the rains is pessimal.

The construction which was to get over in 24 months is still ongoing with no signs of getting done soon.


The mud ditch roads in the CBT currently are the worst days I have seen. I sympathize with each one who comes to me, as I know he can fall any moment and each one is not so lucky to escape the dirt pool.

The authorities have turned a blind eye to this which is more alarming.

The project includes the construction of a new modern bus station, covered accommodation, Parking Area pavement concrete, City bus shelter, Water supply, Sanitary, Electrical H.T. Works, Wiring, lighting, fire fighting etc., as directed by the Engineer-in-charge of work.

I just pray that the authorities look at my dismal state and do something so that the Mai Baap Commuters who throng me have a pleasant and happy journey.

Yours faithfully,

Belagavi CBT

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  1. The more you are far from Bangalore, the least they are bothered about developing any infra in a stipulated time frame. Same project in Mysore , Tumkur would have made more headlines. Before anyone gets political, this bus stand has seen BJP, Cong-JDS government, so no point playing political football.

    Its a sad state of affairs for the people who use buses daily.


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