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Poem on Suicide Prevention

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September 10 every year is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The event represents a global commitment to focus attention on suicide prevention. The theme of WSPD 2021 is “Creating hope through action,” Here is a small poem written in wake of the suicide cases happening in and around Belagavi.

You aren’t brave, you aren’t clever,

To kill yourself and hurt your loved ones forever.

The fire burnt your friends too,

The rope hung your relatives too.

In the river where you jumped,

Drowned your parents smiling faces too.


You weren’t alone in sorrow, nor in pain,

Everyone has problems or tensions in brain.

But you took the step, we imagined never,

And left your loved ones, to deeply mourn forever.

You could have shared your problems dear,

Your family, relatives or friends were all here.

They could have solved it or given it a try,

But before that, you left us with a permanent goodbye.

You have become famous on WhatsApp and Twitter

As many are now sharing your dead picture,

How can they be so heartless?

As if they don’t have at home, a brother or a sister.

Now that you are gone,

We pray for your departed soul,

But your mom is still crying,

And your Dad is blaming himself for the whole.

Listen –o- youngsters,

Never take this extreme step ever,

As suicide not just kills you

But kills along with many lives forever.

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