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Police enforcing lockdown at Darbar Galli assaulted at night

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On Monday night a group of youths in Darbar Galli attacked a police constable who was on routine lockdown enforcement duty.

The police saw a few youths sitting in an auto and they asked them go home from there.

A few of the youths who had gathered dispersed off seeing the police but two waited and argued with cops and in the altercation assaulted the police constable.

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The footage has been captured in the CCTV.

A complaint has been registered and DCP Vikram Amathe has said strict action would be taken against the accused who have been identified and would be arrested by today evening.

The police condemn this incident and would tale more stringent steps to enforce the Lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Police enforcing lockdown at Darbar Galli assaulted at night”

  1. Why no such action is taken when doctors or hospitals are assaulted and ransacked? Why medical personnel deserve less security and value of life compared to police?

  2. Because,nowadays the all doctor’s,nurses, all hospitals and their every staff, don’t have any “humanity” they forget their oath”their main profession is try to protect every patient whether “poor or rich”.But, our respected police they have humanity..

  3. So next time dont go to doctor. Nobody has rights to assault a doctor. If u feel doctors are inhumane then sit at home and treat yourself

  4. Because police are doing their routine duty. Got assaulted on duty so strict action would be taken against guilty. But doctors when they fail to save a life inspite of doing their best they get assaulted. The fault is doctors’.
    Got save this country..!!


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