Police told be courteous towards Goans

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On a week end Belgaum is full of Goans. See Car Parking anywhere and you will see all GA, Goa registered cars. All hotels full to capacity with maximum visitors from Goa.

Geographical, cultural and ethnic proximity attract the Goans to Belgaum. They feel much cooler here than in Goa even when the temperatures have risen to 38 degrees Celsius in Belgaum. Goans normally combine their visit to town with shopping, health check up or just entertainment. KLE hospital (Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital) has been a great success story for Goans here.

Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil has directed all police officials in Belgaum to extend cordial treatment to tourists from Goa. While reacting to complaints received of rude behaviuor of traffic cops with the visitors.

I have instructed my officers to be courteous with Goan visitors. In case any Goan visitor is a victim of rude police behavior, they can directly call 100 or directly on my mobile: 09489894991,” said Sandeep Patil SP.

Source: Herald Goa

11 thoughts on “Police told be courteous towards Goans”

  1. Great!! The move is great. I have seen Goa’n & Maharashtra vehicles singled out by police. Also like Mr. SP to put a same request to the SP’s of Border districts of Goa & Maharashtra to reciprocate the gesture too!

  2. Have you been to Goa and Maharashtra in a vehical having KA board ? They harrass the people when they see these vehicals and we are welcoming them with red carpet!!!!! Great people !!!

  3. Great… being festive season, it’s quite normal to attract huge neighbors flow to Belgaum.. Thus there will be more possibility of wrong parking, rushing into no entries etc. from these visitors.. To help them under such circumstances is not only the responsibility of police dept, but extends to all citizens of Belgaum…! Keep up Belgaum…!

  4. Police!!! Be it from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa or for that matter any state, they all are HUMAN BEING and they all ACT accordingly. No need to COMPARE police of one state with another.

  5. Our police force is on verge of becoming fully corrupt. Me reminds u all that i had come to belgaum last month. Near tilakwadi i was stopped by police. They checked my all(licence). And registration was from goa. Me a young guy they checked my car,boot and my body! Look at harass here. They again and again asked me why i had come and all. I called some one who was an legislator. He told the police i was so and so. And thats it i was let go! Look at this and do reply meB-)


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