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‪Pothole free roads is our fundamental right

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“Pothole-free roads and properly levelled footpaths are fundamental rights of every citizen, guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution, and in the event any loss caused due to its violation, the citizens have the right to seek compensation,” this was an order of the Division Bench of the Bombay High Court, comprising of Justice Abhay Oka and Justice C.V. Bhadang given in 2015.

Each one is requested to share photos of Potholes with Location via email to [email protected]
Let us show the BLIND administration that these Potholes will kill us citizens and it is our Fundamental right to have a Road without Potholes.

pot-hole belaagvi
Pot Hole on Khanapur Road Camp

Preventive and precautionary measures are normally, rather omnipotently on policy documents and public speeches, besides at the review meetings.

Lohia had once said: “Zinda qaum paanch saal tak khamosh naheen baith sakti” (meaning, a living and dynamic society cannot remain mute spectator to the ills in and by the government for five years-the term of the government). It was true then, but now we are forced to rethink afresh, thanks to stoic silence of the people for several terms and electing same breed of politicians as their rulers again and again. Thereafter, yatha praja-tathha raja!

So get up from your deep sleep and ask the elected representatives Questions as to why they cant keep their promises and even after collecting such huge taxes cant give us Pothole-free roads.

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