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Pothole or a trench

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This pothole cum trench on Bauxite Road Vaibhav nagar near the Basav Colony board, a biker miraculously escaped with minor injures as his bike went into the pothole. vaibhavnagar

Imran Sanadi who shared this photo told AAB that the said pot hole is now covering more than half of the road even then no one is worried to repair the same. Many similar incidents have also happened earlier. And as this is at the end of the steep descent it is becoming more dangerous. 

2 thoughts on “Pothole or a trench”

  1. This is the condition of almost all the roads in Belgaum?
    Isn’t there any way to hold anyone responsible for this?
    We pay through our noses in Road tax and this is what we get.
    I had to change the rim of my brand new car due to a deep pothole just after KLE hospital on the Highway entry.


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