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Power drought hits Belgaum:6 to 12 hours power cut

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Get ready for an almost black out. From today the 12 hours of load shedding will be done in the city. The CM, Yedurappa will make a statement in the assembly today on this and the timetable for the load shedding could be out.


I had thought of this post in the morning but as power was not there, I am posting this in the afternoon.


Belgaum been put under the 12 hours power cut zone but the HESCOM is trying to get it under the 6 hour cut zone. However, sources say that the 12-hour cut is inevitable.


The monsoon has disappeared and the MET dept. who had said for a very good to above average monsoon this time is not making any statements expect to saying that nothing will change in the next 4-5 days. Which literally means no rains?


The people of Belgaum have started calling in the Gods, asking for rain. Many social and religious groups have organized prayers and havans so that the rain god comes back.


May what it is, even if Singh really becomes the King tomorrow or the Left win the wrong battle in your town its going to be a bit a dark a bit earlier.


Candle making industries are working over night to make up for the orders they have. Kisika Fayda Kisika Nuksaan, Ye he reeth hai Zindagi ki.


Be prepared to be in the dark or pray to the Rain God to come earlier.

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