POWER & SPEED create big holes in pockets


In the past few days, ‘Singh has become the King’, the share market is now again ready to take a leap upwards and Crude oil prices are heading only southwards. All these things are very nice for the common man. Today crude is trading at about 124.24$ which is of its high of almost 150$.

At the time when, oil prices were rising upwards the oil companies in India adopted a nice way to “LOOT” the public by selling only PREMIUM petrol & diesel. Since then prices have increased and the local fuel sellers who were only selling branded fuel again went back to regular fuel.


However, since the past couple of days again the “LOOT” has begun. You are compelled to buy branded fuel like Power & Speed and to add to that when I fueled my car today morning for Rs.500 the vendor said this is the last time he will be filling for Rs.500 and henceforward the max fueling will be only Rs.200, the person fueling said.

Now, I have a point to make here. The fuel prices have come down all is normal then why is that we are compelled to buy this costly branded fuel when we do not want it.
Many of you must have faced this problem, kindly leave your comments so that others also know about it. I had raised this issue earlier on this very blog and the local newspapers have done it. Nevertheless, who will bell the cat is the question?

Until then, just see POWER & SPEED create big holes in your pockets.



  1. I too agree with this news. As even i’ve complain against these petrol bunks bcoz most of the time i’ve observed in bunks that early morning i mean in peak hours they purposely start putting high graded petrol and they get more commission for that. So, i too request everyone to come and join this war otherwise one by one there will be LOOT in every home….

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