Prepaid Auto Booth at Railway station – a Bargain there as well


Krishnaprasad Ekbote shared his experience on the Facebook group- Belgaum mein auto ka meter down karo with regards to the Pre paid auto booth at the Belagavi Railway Station.

The Belgaum PrePaid Auto booth at railway station. Photo courtesy: cj.ibnlive - Srinivasan
The Belgaum PrePaid Auto booth at railway station. Photo courtesy: cj.ibnlive – Srinivasan

Krishnaprasad Writes-

The prepaid auto booth at Railway Station opened at 5 p.m. (are they not supposed to remain open round the clock?). I gave him the address of a road in Khasbag. The person sitting inside just casually wrote down Rs.50. I asked him for what distance he entered that amount and repeated the address. He immediately changed it to Rs.40. The concerned autowallah “refused” to come for that amount and “dared” to ask the person how he had written a lesser amount. Upon asking, the autowallah told me he would have to come without any passenger back to the station (an absolute humbug!). When I persisted, the person in the booth told me to give Rs.50 to the driver! I somehow got ready and gave 50 bucks and, luckily, while walking towards the exit, managed to come across a traffic cop. I apprised him of the matter. He said a thing or two to the driver and walked towards the booth and asked how he could do such a thing and blah, blah (I wonder if he was really serious or plain pretending). After that, somewhat reluctantly, the autowallah managed to come for 40 bucks.

Now, are these persons operating from the prepaid booth really fair and working in the interest of the general public? This one seemed to me to be more in cahoots with the autowallahs there! I got a (somewhat) fair deal because I stood my ground. What about others who don’t complain? The way it is functioning, we can’t even trust 100% this ‘prepaid booth’ option now. Is this daylight loot going to continue like this?

It’s a good thing the authorities are making some effort and this, being a tough nut to crack, will take some time to work properly. The sooner the better…”

So a bargain at the Pre paid Auto Booth as well?

Commuters have to be harsh and ask for the meter and if possible ask the cops nearby to look into it, if we all dont bell the cat now, when will we?


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  1. Why can’t they just have the meter I don’t understand. What is their problem. The auto guys need to be taken to task.


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