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Preparatory budget meet at City corporation- Citizen Council submits memorandum

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The Citizen’s council made their representation to the M.G.Hiremath Deputy Commissioner Belgavi Chief Administrator City Corporation Belagavi.

1. Trade Lience

Sir , it’s a known fact that any law or system when made available simply and hassle-free will get peoples support. Sir, as we all are aware of the fact that Trade License is the major source of income for any City Corporation. Since last few months, it is made available online n really gearing up the support but we think that maximum awareness should be made to educate the traders to file online @ Trade Licences, resulting in revenue to our City Corporation.

2. Vibrant Belagavi Fair for focusing uniqueness of Belgavi

Sir nowadays many Munciple corporations are undertaking City Promotion events to highlight their city and promote trade, commerce and industry. On the same line, we request you sir to organize such an event every year to promote the uniqueness of Belgavi and boost trade, commerce and industry of our region.

3. Helpline number of City Corporation

Sir, we propose a single Helpline number should be made available for all the grievances to the citizens and must be advertised or showcased for better attending the grievances of the citizens.

4. Public Toilets In The City.

Sir,We would like to bring to your kind notice, that its unfortunate to mention the fact that there are no public toilets particularly for the ladies in the main city areas which causes lots of inconvenience to the women visiting the city for their day to day work. Recently a Pink project has been started in the Kaktives area by the NGO , on the same line City Corporation must start many more in the market areas. A detailed area-wise survey should be made to overcome this problem at the earliest. Kindly look into the matter and initiate the same at the earliest.
5. Prepaid Rikshaw Booths
Sir, now a days maximum City Corporations in our neighboring cities or as well as states have started commonly the Prepaid Rikshaw Booths on in the prominent busy locality of the city. Unfortunately, in our city, not a single Booth is operational at the moment. We request you sir to kindly initiate the same in the following areas.
a. CBT b. Channamma Circle c. Dharamvir Sambaji Circle d. Railway Station
e. Govaves f. Nath Pai Circle Shahapur/ vadagaon
6. Shuttle Mini Bus Service In Market Area

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Sir, in last 25 years Belgavi market area has experienced twice the master plan and the roads have been widened. Four days back even our CM has instructed to increase the number of small shuttle buses and its frequency for commuters. We request you to start the Shuttle minibus service in the market are for the convenience of the citizens in collaboration with NWKRTC.
7. Drinking Water Vending Machines In Market Areas.
Now days a maximum number of City Corporations are providing fresh drinking water vending machines in the busy and market areas of city to maintain the hygiene and health of the citizens. Kindly install the same in our city.
8. Parking Zones
Sir, at present the Citizens are being fined and their vehicles are toed due to indiscipline and wrong parking but we think that this is not the permanent solution as we have to provide the parking areas for the citizens visiting city. Without the provision of parking place by the administration simply penalizing the vehicle holder seems unethical.
Sir, at present our City is having only one Parking lot with a very small number of Parking Spaces. A multilevel parking place is proposed long back but at present nothing comes to reality. With the present traffic conditions minimum of 4 multilevel parking complexes should be built with the war footing effect.

9. Reconsider  increase in taxes  for SAS.

Sir, as per the confirmed sources this year there will be an increase in taxes @ SAS . Here we would like to request you sir due to COVID all sectors of the society have incurred heavy financial loss and in this situation increase in current taxes will be a burden sum. We request you to kindly reconsider and postpone the increase to next financial year.

10. Gardens / Walkers zone Exclusively for Ladies/ Nana Nani Parks.

As you are aware Sir, recently many cities have started an exclusive and safe walker zone for ladies and senior citizens. We would like to request you Sir, to initiate the same pattern in Corporation Extention Areas of Belagavi.

11. Installation Of CCTV in the Market Business Centers.

We request you Sir, to install the CCTV Cameras in the Business and residential sensitive areas of City. This will definitely curb the crime in the city.
12. Implementation Of Green City Project
The tree cover in our city is constantly under threat and is being diminished to give way for infrastructure projects. In many areas old roadside trees are axed down overnight to lay cables etc., as a result, every year our Belgavi is becoming barren land or a cement concert jungle which is alarming. While our heart might ache for the environment, most of us feel helpless when we see someone cutting down a tree.
Sir, there can still be a rethink about the way we are making our city smart. It is just a matter of conscious thought. We can still make the best of whatever spaces we have as
1. Preserve the existing large trees by making them as Heritage trees tags . Don’t conveniently chop them to make way for electric cables, we need to find our way around them rather than through them.
2. Keep spaces for mid sized trees when the roads are being built. They wont interfere with the rest of the work provided they are given just that little space and true access to the soil.
3. Demarcate other regions in the city to construct urban forest.
4. Plat more and more number of trees road side as well as in institutional and industrial compounds to compensate for whatever trees are lost.
5. Involve people and organization in planting and maintaining trees.

13.   Public Grivance Cell

We request you Sir, to start a Ward wise Public Grievances Cell for bringing better governance in the city and for the Citizens.
We earnestly request your good selves to please look into the above issues which we are confident will transform the City into a much better place to live-in giving the Citizens, Working Class ,Children’s, Traders and the Industrialists an opportunity to compete in the commercial world using the best infrastructure made available by the Government through your personal efforts in Belagavi City.

1 thought on “Preparatory budget meet at City corporation- Citizen Council submits memorandum”

  1. Looks like the City Corporation seems to be keen on developing & redeveloping some paricular crowded & well-connected areas within the City Limits. Outlying areas within the Corporation limits say towards the Airport do not seem to be getting enough attention either from the Corporation or those making representations to the Commissioner. As a result, common conveniences such as public transport and autorickshaws, access to City & emergency services are not available easily in these areas. They lie along a busy highway with buses, cars & tractors moving on it all the time. It is pathetic to see Senior citizens, women and children coping with the cost and difficulties. It is impossible for senior citizens to move on the road or find transport at night time even in the gravest emergencies for which they have necessarily have to get to the heart of the old city. If not planned, these areas will become chaotic & give rise to unauthorized constructions in which poor hapless citizens will be duped with false hopes and assurances. These growing areas need to be made more livable to decongest the city and ensure its equitable development. Hope a thought is given to this and a scientific study is made instead of merely listing out a few ideas of those already better placed and the Corporation reacting in a piecemeal manner


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