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Property Tax Payment Fiasco Continues in Belagavi: Honest Taxpayers Harassed

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By uday

Belagavi City Corporation’s inefficiency continues to plague taxpayers, especially for Online payments as they grapple with a dysfunctional payment system and unresponsive website. With just three days remaining to avail the 5% rebate for April, frustration mounts among residents as the corporation fails to address simple website issues.

Unlike other cities where property tax payment is smooth, Belagavi residents face hurdles at every step. The recent shift of the payment gateway from HDFC to Payu has only exacerbated the problem, with numerous reports of the new system not functioning properly.

The website,, emerged from dormancy on April 15, only to encounter glitches in calculating various cess and other charges over the next two days. Many taxpayers who paid during this period are left uncertain about the fate of their arrears.

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Despite efforts to rectify the issues by April 18, including incorporating ready reckoner prices, the website continues to display blank challans for many. Of particular concern is the non-activation of challan generation for apartments, leaving residents in limbo with just three days left to avail of the rebate. The government has remained silent on the possibility of extending the rebate deadline.

Under normal circumstances, a penalty of 2% is levied from July onwards.

There is a huge rush to get offline challans but there to, its a disappointment to get a Challan.

The incompetence displayed by the Belagavi City Corporation not only inconveniences taxpayers but also reflects poorly on governance. As residents struggle to fulfill their civic duties, urgent action is warranted to rectify the situation and restore faith in the system.

8 thoughts on “Property Tax Payment Fiasco Continues in Belagavi: Honest Taxpayers Harassed”

  1. This is the value of law-abiding, prompt, responsible and dutiful taxpayers in the eyes of the Municipal Corporation and the administration and the powerless “powers that be . . .”
    They continue to insult the very taxpayers who contribute to their salaries. How more blatantly arrogant and irresponsible and unaccountable can the administration be ??

  2. We the citizens of Belagavi are prompt in paying property tax during the month of April every year. Inview of the problems currently faced by us in making the tax payment, it’s requested to extend the rebate of 5% till 31-05-2024.

  3. My daughter is a resident of Bombay has a house here Her house tax has been paid How does she pay the arrears if any

  4. I pay the Property Tax regularly and on time. Online is impossible as it shows “No Tax dues” Email complaint to the authorities came back with a reply the mail was rejected. No option but to stand in line get the challan and pay. Totally unhelpful. Total collapse

  5. for 2024-25, I’m not seeing the amount populated and showing as ‘0’, even after retrieving from the link. Is anyone facing the issue?

  6. I reside in the US and consistently pay my taxes early every year. However, this year, malfunctioning online payment system has left me in disarray. It seems ironic that being a prompt and responsible taxpayer leads to such frustration, with no one accountable for addressing our concerns.

    When taxpayers are late in making payments, they face fines. So, why isn’t the corporation commissioner held responsible and penalized for this disruption? Is there a legal avenue to sue the corporation for these irregularities? Does anyone know if it’s possible to hold the corporation accountable for their failures?


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