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Pyaas Foundation Embarks on a Promising Endeavor in Nagarmunoli

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Belagavi-based Pyaas Foundation has embarked on one of its most ambitious projects to date. This time, the foundation is working on a unique initiative in the village of Nagarmunoli, located in the Raibag constituency. With a population of approximately 8,000 and a significant cattle population, the village was hit hard by drought in 2016. Pyaas Foundation had previously supplied water to the village, and now they are taking their efforts to the next level.

Pyaas Foundation is developing a project that involves creating a reservoir by excavating a suitable depth to provide a water catchment area. The reservoir will be created by barraging a stream of water flowing through the village. This project will not only help augment the groundwater in the region but also double up as a lake.

The lake will serve as a water source for the devotees visiting the Siddeshwar temple, located in the vicinity of the lake.

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The cost of creating the lake is estimated to be around 15 lakh rupees, and Pyaas Foundation is inviting contributions for the same. The project is expected to be completed by the first week of June.

This project is a significant step towards ensuring a sustainable water supply for the village of Nagarmunoli. Pyaas Foundation’s efforts will not only benefit the villagers but also the cattle population.

About Pyaas Foundation:
Pyaas Foundation is an organization that has made water management its prime focus in and around the city of Belagavi. The foundation had its genesis in the great drought of 2016, which saw half of Karnataka reeling in the midst of the most acute shortage of water ever. It was a difficult time for the Belagavi district which bore the brunt of this drought. There was no water, especially in rural areas, and suffering was common in both humans and animals. The foundation has to date supplied fresh drinking water to over 1,00,000 people, especially in the rural areas.

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