Rahul Gandhi says Demonetisation is a ‘Modi made disaster

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Speaking at the rally in Belagavi Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said, “There is a saying in English, ‘Man made disaster.’ Demonetisation is a ‘Modi made disaster.’

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“In the last two and half years, one per cent super rich in this country have amassed 70 per cent of India’s wealth and if you look deep into this one per cent, only 50 families have major portion of India’s wealth.”

“Congress wants to get rid of corruption from India and whatever step the BJP government takes whether it is big or small if it is against corruption we will give it full support,” he said.

“Who has black money, it is with those 50 families, and it is with one per cent super rich in this country,” he added.

“All the black money is not in cash, India’s thieves are clever, and as soon as they get money they invest it in land, real estate, gold or in foreign bank accounts like Swiss bank.”


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  1. So indirectly he is saying that our Gandhi family has huge black money in swiss bank. Anyway pappu said something this was big thing.


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