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IT raids on Congress leaders shows cash trail to Congress leader in Delhi

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The New Indian Express has reported

The Income Tax Department, during its raids on Congress leaders, is said to have found documents indicating huge amounts being paid to an AICC leader in the national capital. The findings are likely to embarrass the Congress leaders who are accusing the Centre of conducting I-T raids in non-BJP ruled states.

The IT department had raided the houses of minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi, his brother and KPCC womens president Hebbalkar’s residences in Belagavi and Gokak nad had issued a statement they had unearthed assests worth nearly Rs 162 crore unaccounted for.

IT department has found some entries that indicate huge amounts being paid to a women AICC leader. AICC headquarters is in the know of the developments and has sought a detailed report from KPCC president G Parameshwara. The KPCC chief has, in turn, sought a report from Jarkiholi and Hebbalkar.

The officials also found that the AICC leader had attended Jarkiholi’s daughter’s marriage in Gokok and during that time she was gifted with gold and diamond ornaments, sources said adding she is said to have helped Jarkiholi become minister.

Ramesh L. Jarkiholi has disapproved of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks at an election rally on Friday and said that he will resign from the posts of Minister and MLA if it was proved that the Income Tax raids on his premises had unearthed more than Rs. 3.25 lakh in cash.

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