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Railways commence dynamic pricing for holiday specials

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We made a post Special Yesvantpur Belgaum express on Oct 1 and return on Oct 5 . But after we posted this we realized that the FARE being charged for this train was far higher than what the official website is showing.

See at this, when we did a fare enquiry on for the said train we got the total fare as 365 however on IRCTC the booking site the fare was 895+service charge.dynamic-price-railway

Many readers also commented with the same that just as private bus operators hike prices of ticket for holidays the Railways is also doing on the same lines.

The above two images show the fare difference. The train in question  is 02687/Yesvantpur – Belgaum Premium Special.

3 thoughts on “Railways commence dynamic pricing for holiday specials”

  1. Every day the rani chenamma express train will be so rushed that .there willl be no place for standing . Provide Miraj To Yeshwantpur train thrice in a week .

  2. i got 710 @ 17/9 and train ticket fair is getting increase dailyyyy……………………… today i have @ 1025 rupees waste really, bus is good


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