Railways to conduct final location survey for Dharwad-Kittur-Belagavi new railway line

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As the present Dharwad-Belagavi railway line passes through Londa, it takes more time to travel by rail than by road. It has been a long-standing demand of public and elected representatives of Karnataka to lay a direct line between Dharwad and Belagavi preferably via Kittur. To implement this work, the Final Location Survey for Dharwad-Kittur-Belagavi (90Km) is now included in the Budget 2019-20.

Shri Suresh Angadi, Hon’ble Minister of State of Railways was instrumental in getting the work approved, in order to fulfill the public demand. Now Survey for Final Location for the proposed new railway line alignment has been sanctioned. In a review meeting held recently on 01.08.2019 in which Shri Suresh Angadi, Hon’ble Minister of State of Railways decided that the work shall be taken up immediately. Final Location Survey is assigned to Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) which can quickly complete the survey with State Government support. The survey will start after work is awarded and the agency is fixed.

Hon’ble MoSR has indicated that the progress of the survey work will be reviewed every fortnight and whole work shall be completed in 2 months.

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The proposed new railway line passes through Dharwad, Kittur, and Hirebagewadi to reach Belagavi. The distance between Belagavi and Dharwad will reduce by 31 Kms once this new line is laid. This will benefit the public of Dharwad and Belagavi, making the journey between these two smart cities easier and quicker. It will also enable the people of Belagavi to reach Bengaluru, the capital city of State of Karnataka directly.

19 thoughts on “Railways to conduct final location survey for Dharwad-Kittur-Belagavi new railway line”

  1. I have been listening this news of direct rail line between Dharwad Belagavi since 40 years Nothing more than “survey “

  2. People would appreciate if the survey is quickly carried out and decision taken and communicated to general public. This has been hanging for more than three decades. Pray it is finalised before Dec2019. Mr Suresh Angadi, is visible now.

  3. Late but worthy decision. Hope the work will start soon and the public are benefited. All thanks to MoSR Shri Suresh Angadi.

  4. Is saving half an hour worth it at the expense of acres and acres of fertile agriculture land…. Already farmers are loosing land to developments of highways and new estates in and around Belgaum. I’m not against the development but I’m against losing the fertile agriculture land… Time to think about future generation.

  5. It’s good news for BELGAVI people’s and also appreciate to our HONERBLE MOS Railway Mr.Suresh angdi ji sir also kindly consider direct train for Chennai and Kolkata it will helps many peoples.

  6. It is foolish to construct another railway line by destroying farm land just to reduce distance of
    By 31 Kms and wasting crores of public money
    First start new trains from belgaum
    Make Belgaum junction
    Just make the double line and electrify it
    that’s it nothing else to be done otherwise all politicians and officers will only get more rich no use for public

  7. Please try for BELGAUM -KOLHAPUR- KARAD . it will save more time for the people of karnataka to reach MUMBAI. Also try for BELGAUM-HYDERABAD via BAGALKOT-KUDALSANGAM-YADGIR. As this will be better for the people of GOA to reach HYDERABAD & will help KUDALSANGAM to be a tourist destination. Please think about connecting west to east.

  8. Is there a rail link from Bijapur to Kolhapur via miraj. If yes why not extend mangaluru- Bijapur Tatkal train to Kolhapur via miraj .If not why not do this rail link .People can visit famous mahalakshmi temple too.

  9. As many people highlighted, just to reduce 31 Km of distance, spending crores of rupees, taking the farmer’s land, then disputes, agitation etc. is unfair. Instead of this, do the double track between Belagavi & Dharwad, which in turn reduce the journey time. This is going to be WIN-WIN situation for all, Government, Railway department & for public.


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