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Rain fury or incompetent Civic authorities – Water logging in many areas

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Heavy overnight rain has left several low-lying stretches of Maratha Colony, Cariappa Colony, Nanawadi, Kapileshwar colony, Sant sena road, Shivaji Garden Shanti nagar were inundated for more than 6-8 hours with water ranging from 2-5 feet.

maratha-watermaratha-waterResidents, whose houses had partially gone under water, were left with no choice but to wait for the water to drain. The rains have yet agains exposed the lack of proper drainage facilities in the city.

The water did recede after 12 PM but it left behind a lot of dirt and reptiles and vehicles submerged in water.
Everywhere residents complained of the DRAINS not being cleaned. The main drain which comes from MLIRC Nanawadi which is cleaned every year wasnt cleaned at all. Above that the Railways have built walls infront of the main drains on Congress road which is again causing issues of reverse flow.

The dividers on Congress road also acted as a deterrent for the flow of water to the other side near the railway tracks.

The area after the railway track was once a natural sump for this water but now is occupied with buildings now. Every year same issues crops up and the civic authorities visit and go back without any concrete solution. There is no drainage facility in Maratha colony, Cariappa colony which is now included under smart city project but hope the authorities look at proper planning and cleaning.

4 thoughts on “Rain fury or incompetent Civic authorities – Water logging in many areas”

  1. We, the citizens of smart city Belagavi, through all ‘kachara’ into the drains and close them. When it rains like the one of yesterday and today, the drainages are ineffecient to drain the rain water and we have to suffer our own deeds !

  2. Right sir we the citizens are not smart but the corporation of belgaum is too much smart as they collect karara Patti(tax) from every house but forget to clean Nalas & gutters before rainy season .
    The corporation is smart enough to collect fine on Banned plastic but not enough smart to come & watch the home filled with drainage water .
    Right sir we the citizens of belgaum should become smart now to force corporation to clean all Nalas & gutters before rainy season as we pay tax to them for this work only .
    My age is 63 & I have not experienced any drain water in my home in my life .
    But after paying tax too I am feeling ashamed of staying in such a city whose corportion is too smart just to collect taxes & fines on banned plastic but not the citizens who know that they pay tax for clean city but get drain water in rainy season .

    Sorry to say but it’s true .


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