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Rajnikant to be invited for inauguration of Shiv Shrusthi

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The work on Shiv Shrusthi – to depict the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the Shivaji Garden in Shahpur was started in November 2012 by the BUDA and is complete but awaiting an official inauguration. shiv-shrushti-belgaum

Abhay Patil, former MLA who conceptualized this entire Shrusthi is now trying to get Superstar Rajnikant for the inauguration of the Shiv Shrusthi in the month of May. The city of Belagavi celebrates Shiv Jayanti on the traditional date since ages with great fan fare. IMG 1563

The Belgaum Urban Development Authority has spent more than Rs. 1.67 crores on building of the Shiv Shrusti and entire cost for the Laser fountain is Rs. 1,44,64,884 other than the Rs.1.67 crores.

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