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Rajotsava celebrated with great interest same with Black day

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Rajotsava was celebrated this time with great interest by the Kannada organizations but the govt. ministers and elected representatives were not seen in the celebrations. Only MLA Feroz Sait was present. 5 new 108 ambulances were taken into service today.21101193607_01101193607_1

Rajostava this time was celebrated with a vengeance and great pomp even when the govt. had asked it to be celebrated in low key manner. The Kannada organizations this time were together as the Marathi Maha mellava was allowed to happen.1101193607_31101193607_41101193607_61101193607_9

In the procession there were elephants, camels, dolby sound systems and of course thousands and thousands of people, not seen lately on a Rajostava.

At the same time Black day was observed with a cycle rally in Shahpur. blackday

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