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Rakaskop reaches dead storage level 24×7 water supply also stopped

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The water level in the Rakaskop reservoir has reached dead storage and hence the 24 x 7 water supply to the 10 wards in the city has been stopped and now they will get water once in 3-4 days. While other parts of the city are getting water once in 6-7 days.

In 2014 as well the 24 x 7 water supply was stopped due shortage of water.

Special arrangements have been done by the water supply board to get water from the dead storage. New pumps have been installed to fetch the water.

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5 thoughts on “Rakaskop reaches dead storage level 24×7 water supply also stopped”

  1. Maybe the house owners of maratha colony (not limited to) can donate some after bathing their lavish gardens? But be nice when asking because as I’ve learnt in the past – IT’S THEIR WELL WATER AND THEY’LL DO WITH IT AS THEY PLEASE.

    God help us all

  2. Why spl treatment to 24/7 wards. They are also living in bgm city know. Because of their lavish life style i.e washing car every day bathing their gardens, bgm people are suffering. If concerned authorities Stopped
    such schemes and started planned water supply to all wards once in two days this crises may be postponed till July 15.

  3. Every year same story
    Areas getting 24 hrs of water are enjoying and other areas where bore/well not possible are suffering miserably by paying heavily for Tankers

  4. S O S. Belgaum facing accute water shortage. We are not getting water from wells also. Till it rains, let the concerned authorities control activities / water usage in construction works, Golf courts, Car / automobile washing stations, Swimming pools and others.


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