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Rare Heart Surgery on 20 days baby with a right side heart

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A 20 days male baby weighing 2.5 kg was referred from Jainapur village of Basavanbagewadi Taluka, Vijayapur District to Shanti Children Hospital Bagalkot who was suffering cardiac arrest and intubated put on a ventilator and immediately referred to Department of Cardiac Surgery of KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital, Belagavi.

Dr. Praveen Tambrallimath assessed the child, Cardiac Surgeon & Dr Veeresh Manvi; Pediatric Cardiologist diagnosed the child is suffering from a severe congenital cardiac defect associated with a rare organ malposition in the body.


Rare SurgeryIt is known as ‘situs inversus totalis’ with dextrocardia and d-transposition of great arteries. According to Dr Praveen Tambrallimath, the organs of the baby’s body, ie, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Intestine, Lung found in their unusual position, that is Heart which is usually on the left side shifted to right side, liver supposed to be right side turned to left side, right lung was in left lung position and vice versa. It looks like as though the organs are seeing each other in a mirror. Due to this complex condition, the heart operation on a 20 days baby weighing 2.5 kgs was challenging & a demanding task.

The surgery was the only option without surgery the child wouldn’t survive. Till now only 5 cases of this rare condition have been successfully operated in the whole world.

The most experienced Surgical & Anesthetist team lead by Dr. Praveen Tambrallimath performed the complex surgery for over 9 hours. The arterial switch and PDA division surgery completed on the baby. Post surgically the patient was managed in ICU for 15 days, and the child is recovered entirely and discharged from the Hospital. Dr Praveen Tambrallimath ably assisted by Dr Nikunj Vyas, Dr Veeresh Manvi. The Anesthetist team consisting of Dr Anand Wagrali, Dr Sharan Patil, Dr Abhijeet, Dr Samrat, Dr Jabbar and Pediatric Intensivist Dr Nidhi Goel Manvi, Perfusion team, Nursing Staff are happy to be part of the rare surgery and making it a grand success. Parents have expressed their deep sense of gratitude for the doctors and facilities of the hospital.

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