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Ravindra Kaushik e-library is a model library for the world: MLA Abhay Patil

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The e-library has been named after patriot Ravindra Kaushik, whose name has been forgotten to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for the country, MLA Abhay Patil said.

He was addressing a press conference on Saturday at the Ravindra Kaushik e-library at SPM road Shahpur.

Patriot Ravindra Kaushik, who has spent nearly 26 years of his youth for the country, said the e-library was named after him as a tribute.

The e-library is to be inaugurated by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday (Sept. 26) and also Ravindra Kaushik’s family members would be present on the occasion who have come from Jaipur.

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Built at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore, the library has a digital library of 5 languages including Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu. He said the world would be a model library.

Library Specifications:

The Ravindra Kaushik Library has two staff and a total of 23 desktop computers, with 5 tablets for children to use. The number of tablets will be increased based on the interest of the children.

There are over 5000 books available in the library, and an unlimited number of users can download a book on their mobile or computer.

He also said that the books available in the library can be viewed through the Smart City E-Libray Application in Belagavi and can be subscribed for Rs 50-60 at one time.

There are also books that can be used for competitive exams, as well as small children’s books. Srinivas K., Managing Director of the Library informed that there are books available for all adults.

Hi-tech digital library named after Ravindra Koushik at Shahpur

WiFi Facility:

Books can be read using WiFi within 300 meters of the library, and the WiFi utility can only be used to read and download books.

Srinivas K, managing director of the library, informed that the library is 3 storeyed and can accommodate 60 readers at a time.

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