Redefine Your Child – build Values with Appreciation

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If, Parents are the FIRST teachers – What are children learning today from their parents? Teaching them good values with love and appreciation will change their perspective towards LIFE completely…

Values are ethics followed by an individual to show actions and determine things that are best to do or live with. The actions which are highly valuable are regarded as “good” and the actions of low value are regarded as “bad.”

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If you want your child to develop good value system, the first teaching should be from the parents by following the values and then encourage children to follow; be it discipline, cleanliness, caring, respecting emotions, or building affection among others. Today’s generation always has a tendency to observe parents and the society they live, following in the footsteps of their elders in actions and words you practice as they grow up to be adults. So, if we are practicing negative values, which are of low in value, they will have an impact of it too; be it showing anger, shouting, hatred, violence, corruption, etc.

Today’s kids are learning their values also from television, social media, and movies. Imagine how many crimes, murders, alcohol commercials they have watched by the time they get out of school. It is our responsibility to monitor use of these technologies in our day-to-day life and spend time with kids nurturing proper values.

If you feel that your child does not listen to you, remember that most of the time they will be observing you. Children learn more while observing rather than listening no matter how small or big your child is. You are passing the trend of today’s modern culture and values to them and one day when you will see your child adapting these, don’t be surprised because it is you who have shown them it is OKAY to live the way you want; call it FREEDOM or EXPRESSION.

Parents should be the real idol to follow in today’s culture. Try to become a responsible parent because Your Child is watching YOU.

We always expect our child to have good values. How many parents actually have good values and they follow it?? They will only practice what they see you doing. Values should be taught in a more serious way. Parents need to form groups and set common values for today’s generation. Society uniformity for value building is MUST for today’s generation.

It costs absolutely $0.00 to become a decent human being.

“The right kind of education based on moral values will upgrade the society and the country…” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Values, Bonding, Love, Faith, and Affection have a very strong meaning, which you need to FOLLOW first and then educate your child by setting an example of how you can contribute it to the world.


Appreciate your child if you want the world to DO it. We do not understand the importance of appreciating our child, but do it often with others child. It is the subconscious mind that affects and therefore the results vary.

Appreciation makes them DO more. Appreciation makes them feel LOVED more.

Imagine you are at your office and working hard for whole month and your colleague has been appreciated well enough for his work and you are not.

If you are a housewife, when you hear the appreciation for your neighbor’s recipe and never receive any for yours; it hurts a lot too, right??

We being so grown up still feel the pain then imagine the pain your child goes through when such incidents happen in their daily life with their performance and emotions.


Sometimes the Appreciation given in today’s world is focused in a wrong way, which misleads the child again. When a person buys a new bike, car, property, luxuries, etc., that person is highly appreciated for those things, whereas the Appreciation should be focused on the hard work and dedication that person has put forth to make it possible. By doing this, you will ensure that your child’s focus will be on the efforts, dedication, and the learning process they have to undergo to achieve this Success and will be more focused on doing it.

“Competition is the easy part. Behind-the-scene is where all the work is done.” – Usain Bolt.

The above sentence gives us a clear picture of where the Appreciation should be focused upon.

The way today we showcase them Success of others to our children is creating difference in emotions, relations, jealousy and the focus will remain only on achieving the Success for which they may not opt to work hard, but will feel the short-cuts are good to achieve. Each child must be taught about WHERE or HOW to put the efforts to get things done or they may end up resulting in frustration or depression. Do not focus on the RESULTS, but rather appreciate and encourage the efforts you want your child to adapt and follow.

Children usually go away from parents or have a bad life especially when they are not brought up well with good values and not being appreciated. Your one word “Busy” can make their life Hell and one word of “Love” will bring all the happiness into their life. With this busy world, we are not giving anything to our family, which actually should be the FIRST priority.

Important points for parents; with this, the bonding will be a lot more different from what you are experiencing now. Make a habit and START today.

  • Help and encourage the decision making quality in your child.
  • Focus on what your child is doing right and not only on what they are doing wrong.
  • Don’t bring up painful memories from the past.
  • Speak well of their friends and their loved ones too.
  • Understand their age, you have gone through it (recall the things you have DONE).

Your child who was learning to ride bicycle, when you said, “Just go along, I’m right behind you” was confident to ride throughout. When did you say it again lately? Your child always needs your support. A simple push and they are moving. Think about IT.

Understand the parenting your child needs and ACT NOW!! Tell your kids, you love them for everything and they are GENIUS indeed.

Written by Tejas Kolekar, Educator & Personal Coach 9916835550

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  1. almost all children studying in private management schools are under pressure, teachers and parents are not teaching them moral values, they just want marks above 90- 95, its absolutely wrong, lets live them their childhood with joy, freedom, in your guidance..


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