Relatives of patient attack doctors at BELAGAVI civil hospital

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Two doctors were assaulted by the kin of the deceased at the Belagavi civil hospital on Monday night.

An old lady with breathlessness was brought to Belagavi civil hospital.

But the patient died and the family members about 10-15 of them attacked the doctors on duty including women doctors.

The family members alleged the patient was not treated.

Similar incidents of attack on the doctors and staff were reported earlier as well

Sometime ago the mob had even burnt an ambulance.

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4 thoughts on “Relatives of patient attack doctors at BELAGAVI civil hospital”

  1. Bloody idiots. This way doctors shall not be able to work. There are good and incompetent doctors but assault is just not acceptable. Goons must be given strictest punishment.

  2. So you were at the hospital to confirm that the doctors did not treat the patient. But the patients assaulted the doctor is confirmed.
    The death of a near one is emotional moment, but that does not mean we start beating up medical staff.


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